How to be a great rental tenant

5 tips for renting success

People rent houses for a number of reasons but the one thing every rental tenant has in common is, they are making a home in someone else’s house/property. Most tenants strive to care for and maintain the home in the time they occupy the property and here are a few tips to support you to be a great rental tenant.

Tips to be a great rental tennant. Raine and Horne Batemans Bay


5 Tips for renting success:

Pay rent on time

This may seem obvious, but ensuring that you can afford a property before you sign a lease is an important first step. Being honest about your earnings and working with the Real Estate to secure a property that is well within your budget is key.

If you do find yourself in financial hardship or are for any reason unable to pay your rent in full, it is best to contact the property manager as soon as possible. Discussing possible options may save yourself, the Real Estate and the home owner a lot of time and money.

Keep yards and lawns tidy

Keeping on top of lawn and garden maintenance is an important aspect of caring for a property. It can help support positive relationships with neighbours and save you money when you vacate the property.

If you are not a green thumb, look for a property with little to no grounds maintenance or seek professional lawn and garden care services. Remember to add this to a monthly budget to ensure this is an affordable choice for you.

Keep floors clean and scratch free

Property Maintenance. Raine and Horne Batemans Bay.Protect floor coverings.


Many tenants think of a sound carpet clean when they vacate a property. Many stains could be prevented with regular professional carpet and floor cleaning during occupancy of a rental property.

Floating timber floors are a popular flooring solution. The modern, sleek and natural look is easily scuffed and scratched if not maintained properly. Simply attaching carpet stoppers on the bottoms of furniture legs and placing rugs and mats in high traffic areas can prevent damage.

Report damages in a timely and accurate manner

Damages may occur in the time that you occupy a rental property. It is best to report damage, accidents and incidents in a timely manner. Preventing further damage can save the property owner from growing maintenance fees.

Your property manager will provide you with maintenance reporting or request forms when you sign your lease agreement. Although some incidences may require an urgent phone call, it is also advisable to fill out request and maintenance reports on the provided and appropriate forms.

Take pride in the property and keep it clean

Property Maintenance. Raine and Horne Batemans Bay.


This point may also be obvious, but there is more to maintaining a clean and tidy home than vacuuming and mopping floors.

Other aspects of cleaning to be considered (depending on the property leased) are:

  • Cleaning windows and furnishings
  • Remove cob webs and keep gutters clear
  • Maintain driveways, gates and water tanks
  • Maintaining pools and pool areas

Some of the mentioned aspects could be covered in the lease agreement. It is advisable to read the agreement carefully and consider ongoing maintenance costs if they are not. Each leasing agreement will be different, depending on the property, real estate agency policy, landlord and local, state and national governance.

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How to be a great rental tenant