First Time Property Investment

Important things to consider

If you are thinking about embarking on the property investment journey, we recommend that you do your research. It is a big decision, a huge responsibility and one that you hope will ‘pay off’ in the future!

Property Investment Raine and Horne Batemans Bay

Some things to consider – before you start searching Google for the perfect property.

Personally – before you make the leap.

  • Situation

What your current and future financial position is and will likely be in the near and distant future.

  • Budget

Consult with a mortgage specialist, to know how much you can borrow.

  • Expectation

It is important to consider and discuss you desire for a quick return, (rental yield) or long-term investment (long-term capital growth).

  • Location

Have you got a preference – weather it is from rental history and yield information, personal preference through family ties or some other reason (intuition) that you want to purchase in that location.

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We recently shared the numbers relating to Batemans Bay property investment growth potential, as one of the 3 top investment location spots read here.

Professional services – what you need to know.

  • Financial planner/tax professional

Professional services that can help the decision making, and support you to gain a better understanding of Property Investment and your Finances.

Positively, negatively or neutral geared property

This is a lot of paperwork planning on specific properties. This is something to ask your financial adviser or specialist.

When you are ready to look for the perfect Investment Property.

  • Real Estate Agent

Taking the time to connect with a Real Estate Agent tat knows you is an important step in purchasing any property. An agent that listens and understands your position will be able to support you to find the perfect property for you.

Maintaining your Investment Property.

  • Property manager

A property manager will assist with the ongoing management of your property to its full potential. Property management is about more than transferring rent from a tenant. Sound knowledge of the local occupancy and rent rates ensures realistic and supportive recommendations for areas such as; rental amounts, insight into specific locations, property maintenance needs, tenant application and management.

We hope you found this information helpful and would love to hear from you if you would like to know more about Property Investment on the South Coast. Our Batemans Bay team are a diverse team of professionals that are passionate about finding you the perfect property.

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Thanks for reading and we wish you luck on your Property Investment journey.

From the Raine&Horne team,

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First Time Property Investment