Preparing your home for sale.

5 Tips: Preparing for inspection, market and sale of your property.

Preparing your home to be placed in the sale or investment market is as much about preparing yourself and your mindset. Changing your mindset, to view your home as an object (as hard as that may be for a family home,) will allow you to see flaws and make objective decisions.

Raine and Horne real estate Batemans Bay tips for preparing home for sale


 Potential benefits of preparing your property for market are:

  • Increase value of the property.
  • Create an inviting space.
  • Support potential buyers during open homes and inspections.
  • Support professional photography efforts.
  • Decrease stress at the time of marketing, open home and sale.
  • Prepare yourself for your removal and relocation.

This is an important part of the preparation process, as you may not see clutter or mess that has accumulated over the years. As much as it can be helpful to create a warm atmosphere, it is also important to create a space that potential buyers can imagine their own belongings in.

It is a delicate balance, but here is 5 things to address when preparing your home for market.

1 Remove clutter and thoroughly clean

A space can seem larger, cleaner and more inviting when clutter is removed. A house free from bad odour, stains, dust and grime will instantly be more appealing. Finer details and hidden places are to be remembered. On inspection, potential buyers may open oven or roll up the shed door. It is a great help to have a friend or third party inspect your property as well.

Raine and Horne real estate Batemans Bay tips for preparing home for sale

2 A Mini renovation

A fresh coat of neutral paint, new floor coverings and fixtures can make even a tired old house seem like a more comfortable and modern home. Finishing off any ‘half-done’ projects and getting professional services for the DIY’s gone wrong, will also lift the profile of your property.

3 Inside is as important as the outside

When viewing an open home, potential buyers do not want to imagine the next month of Sundays chopping trees, removing weeds and tending to bare dirt where lawn once grew.

Simply cutting back overgrown shrubs, spreading grass seed in spring, cleaning windows and removing cobwebs is a great start. Cleaning surfaces such as driveways and paths, staining timber decks and replacing old laser light verandas will certainly impress potential buyers on inspection.

4 Remove personal items

For an open home or property inspection, it is often advisable to remove personal items, such as family photos for example. It can help to make potential buyers more comfortable when entering your home to inspect. If they feel they can have a thorough look at the property, they may feel more informed about finer details of the property.

Raine and Horne real estate Batemans Bay tips for preparing home for sale


 5 Stage your property

Going one step further than simply cleaning and tidying your house, staging looks at purposeful placement of furniture, fittings and fixtures. Thinking about the placement of furniture, to maximise a space, not only in size but in potential use is one example. Another, is the purposeful fitting of window coverings to maximise control of light and air flow.

You can stage a home yourself, and our supportive and experienced Real Estate Agent will be able to advise and make suggestions. Professional interior design and decoration services can also be of great benefit.

Our qualified and experienced team at Raine&Horne Batemans Bay have a keen eye for detail. A diverse team of experience to remember the little things that make a big difference in the valuation, marketing, presentation and sale of your property.

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From the Raine & Horne team in Batemans Bay

We’ll look after you.

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Preparing your home for sale.